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Anónimo was like: SHIT IS GETTING SO REAL SO FAST ....



wtf mom this aint a boosie fade



New single will probably drop August 18th.

The Giver premiere is the 11th. The Giver opening weekend is the 15th. New album single dropping the following Monday on the 18th.

does this mean the (possible) livestream could be Sunday 17th??

Taylor Swift to Perform at MTV Video Music Awards 2014!


It’s official – Taylor Swift will rock the stage at this year’s MTV VMA’s!

According to E! News, the 24-year-old country crooner is planning an “explosive” performance for the show.

While exact details are being kept under wraps, the site reports, “It’s not a collaboration with another…

Iheart said she will debut new songs at the festival but on mtv she will be performing the new single so I guess if we are to get technical by their wording she will also perform at least 2 more unheard songs at iheartradio, meaning at least 3 new songs. I’m a bit skeptical so I shouldn’t call them liars yet but we’ll see. :3

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  • Cashier: *dies at register*
  • Customer: are you open